((Covenant Species Infobox (TheHaloVeteran) |name= 'Inferi Redividus' (Flood) |image=250px |imagecaption= |homeworld=unknown, Extragalactic (first Forerunner contact at G617g1) |height=Variable (depending on host) |weight=Variable (depending on host) |skincolour=Variable: green, brown, tan (depending on host), however, many hosts mutate to brown or green |distinction=Significant physiological and psychological mutations. They may also aquire the hosts memories. |equipment=Variable, stolen from their hosts |types=

|affliation= inferi redividus |notable=*Gravemind

  • Notable Infected Individuals
    • Captain Keyes
    • Prophet of Regret
    • Wallace A. Jenkins

|othernames=*"Flood" (Human and Covenant Empire)

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